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Our Story

Our story started over seven years ago when a quiet small town boy met a beautiful, smart, not so quiet Venezuelan girl and her awesome three year old son.  He had a boy and a girl of his own and they were drawn to each other.  After a short engagement they were married and together had a daughter to complete the family.  Our company name, “Blended,” is not just a name, but who we are. Our family is a mix of races and cultures, and brought together with the bonds of God, Love and Family.  

In Venezuela it is a common practice to enjoy a nice cup of café con leche with an Arepa for breakfast and black coffee in the early afternoon for a quick pick me up.  Before they were married he experienced her wonderful baking and as the years went by people could not get enough of her baked treats, especially her cinnamon rolls.  The baked items were great and all that was needed was a good cup of coffee. The only problem was finding that truly “good” cup of coffee.  We believe that together with Geva Coffee, a local coffee roastery from Houston, we have found the perfect cup.  We wanted to bring that experience to our home, our family and now to our community.  We chose to start our business as a Coffee Bar and Bakery trailer so that we can deliver the freshest and best product to our community.  We have the ability to cater a wedding or corporate event and sell at the local Deacon Baldy’s food truck park where we can meet wonderful people and leave them with a smile. Our goal is to provide you with the best coffee experience possible which we believe is with one of our homemade baked treats or with a home cooked breakfast or even following a hardy lunch.  

We invite you to join our blended family.  Once you try us we promise you will be back for more!

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